Hail Secret Warriors!

We are moving on to the next phase of our long term project and we are looking for new playtesters, should anyone be interested. We will be taking applications during the next few weeks and should we receive too many, we will choose who will be our next playtersters. We will inform the chosen ones. However, if we do not choose you at the beginning, you might still be chosen for a later stage of playtest, or maybe for the following set.
Playtesters will be asked to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement and as per GDPR we will not make public their names or any other contact information. They will receive a printable file with which to use the cards we would like them to test and we are working on a file for their reports to be sent to us (either a .doc or .pdf file will suffice).
We will do several rounds of playtest and will take into account all comments in order to change things or choose one card instead of another one. The instructions on how to provide us with their feedback will include general guidelines, depending on the stage of testing (Alpha-testers having different requirements than Beta-testers).
Should you be interested on helping us, fill in the form.