Cease & Desist to Secretwarsociety.com

In the name of Vetusta Games S.L., proprietor of the Shadowfist© license, we want to inform everybody that:

  • We do not have any relation whatsoever with the secretwarsociety.com

  • The set they have recently released on their page is NOT an official product and has been nor approved neither sanctioned by Vetusta Games S.L.

  • The least we would have expected from a group of fans is to communicate with us and try to reach an agreement.

Therefore, since this group of people has not bothered to inform us about their intentions and ask for our permission to create and make public a fan-made set of Shadowfist©, we are forced to:

  • REQUEST that they remove from public access all the material they have shown.

  • REQUEST them to remove all use of the Shadowfist© name, logo, images and symbols from their page, Discord servers, social media and the like.

  • We also REQUEST them to change the name of all their Discord servers, social media groups, etc., to either not use the name of our licensed game, or to use the word “unofficial” in the title. This way, everybody will know that they are an independent group of people, with no relationship whatsoever to the official product.

Should our requests not be taken into account and fulfilled, we will feel obliged to take all the necessary legal measures against everybody involved in this matter. We will present all the documentation to the appropriate court to guarantee that our rights as owners of the license of Shadowfist© and the international Copyright Laws are respected.

We also want to make well-known that:

  • All future third-party products will not be supported by Vetusta Games S.L., unless an agreement has been previously reached.

  • All third-party products are not tournament legal and never will.

  • We will not support tournaments in which third-party cards are allowed and their used encouraged. Hence, no official licensed Shadowfist© material can be used to promote or announce them.

Best regards,

The Vetusta Games Team