5, 4, 3… Action!

Post-Essen Thoughts and…
5… 4… 3… … … ACTION!!!

Hail Secret Warriors! 👊👊

After a very intense time during the Essen Spiel, with lots of meetings (manufacturing, distribution, fulfilment companies…) we can announce that we are very close to launch our Kickstarter campaign for the next set of Shadowfist.

We had very interesting conversations with many people that have helped us out polish the last details of the campaign. We have reached agreements that we believe will make the final product as best as possible and we hope you all like what we have been working so hard on. We have decided to make some minor changes to our project based on all these meetings, but it will only take us a few more days to finish with them.

We would like to thank all those people that helped us get to this point. We have seen troubled times at world level (with the pandemic and the subsequent economic crisis), but you all have been there unconditionally supporting us. And that is something we really appreciate and will never be able to thank you enough. The only way we can try to compensate you for your patience and support is by offering you what you all have been waiting for so long.

Shadowfist Return of the fallen

Shadowfist: Return of the Fallen is almost ready.

You can see our project page here Kickstarter Shadowfist Return of the fallen

We will very soon announce the exact date, but it will definitely be in the next few weeks.

Once again, thank you.

Stay well,

The Vetusta Games Team