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Two Fisted Tales Storyline Summary

This is a brief overview of the primary storyline for Two-Fisted Tales.

The Purists manipulate the Dragons into retrieving 5 powerful, magical artifacts which the Purists plan to use to cast a spell allowing them to attune to all of the Feng Shui Sites in the world at the same time.

Tom Donovan and Tricia Kwok team up to retrieve the Ruby Eye, which is currently in the possession of a prominent New York mobster.

Zheng Yi Quan and the Nemesis travel to China to obtain the legendary Jade Dragon, but many others would stop at nothing to obtain it for themselves.

The enigmatic John Fenris and the equally mysterious Golden Gunman track the Ivory Goddess through the bazaars of Egypt, and from there into the jungles of darkest Africa.

Combat in Kowloon, "Breaking and Building"

Breaking and Building
Tales from the New Era of Shadowfist

by Thomas Edward

Xiao Yan trailed her fingertip along the flower’s stem until an unseen thorn pricked her. Snatching her hand away, she regarded the flower with anger—and a hint of appreciation. It seemed appropriate that in Xin Ji Yang’s formal garden, beauty should conceal danger.
Looking up, Yan wished once again that the garden was easier to navigate. Paths crossed it in every direction, but there were no maps. Rather, next to each path was a signpost bearing a snippet of a poem. Those few lines were the only clues as to what one would find along the trail.

The Coming Darkness Official Fiction

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Combat in Kowloon Official Fiction

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Ten Thousand Bullets

By Dave Eber

To Be Number One

The meditation chamber was dark and silent. Illumination came from a weakly glowing rack of lights set into the wall. The only furniture was a massive, swiveling chair set in the center of the room.

"You summoned me?"

The chair turned with a muffled hiss. Rhys Engel regarded the woman standing before him. She was tall, lithe, and powerful. Her hair was the color of midnight, and tiny lights seemed to flicker behind her eyes.

"Have you read Dr. Oram's report on the monkey scientist and his device?"

"As you instructed."

"Good. I have a task for you now. I need you to go to Hong Kong, 2002 juncture. There's something I need you to retrieve, something that has been lost for a very long time. Something very important."

The corner of Kallisti's mouth curled upward into a smile.

"When do I depart?"

Netherworld 2: Fragments

By Dave Eber

A line of a dozen prisoners, their upper bodies encased in blackout sacks were led out to the middle of the cavern by their guards, and then abandoned. Looking down on them from a ridge, Colonel Richtmeyer made a gesture, and the confining sacks were suddenly released. The prisoners shrugged out of the heavy black bags and then looked around them, gaping. They were in a wide, high-ceilinged cavern beneath a wide stone ridge. There was a pair of sealed Curboatite crates, 10 feet wide and high, on the other end of the cavern. At their feet was a line of new, fully loaded Buro Blue Spear automatic rifles. Richtmeyer, flanked by a unit of TacOps troopers, looked down on the bewildered prisoners and spoke.

Boom Chaka Laka

By Dave Eber and Jose Garcia

Dr. Zaius surveyed the crowd assembled before him. It was made up of the cream of the Jammer hierarchy: scientists, technicians, commandos, cyber-apes, and even Battlechimp Potemkin himself. They had all gathered to witness a demonstration of his latest invention, which lay hidden behind him, under a tarp. The ape scientist allowed himself the tiniest, self-satisfied smile. Dr. Zaius had hinted that this invention would profoundly change the face of the Secret War, and he did not intend to disappoint his guests. Dr. Zaius cleared his throat, and the assembled group settled down and turned their attention toward him.

Shaolin Showdown

By Dave Eber

When I finally reached the Junkyard, I knew things were bad. Real bad. Everywhere I looked, I saw piles of twisted metal and rubble. Now, granted, being that it's a junkyard, you would think that I'd expect to see piles of twisted metal and rubble, but this was worse. It looked different, you know, like really trashed, even by the usual standards of the place. I could see that something really big had gone down there, and I started to get real nervous. I started digging my way through the junk, looking for the Prof's workshop. I knew it had to be around there somewhere. At least, I thought it was. So, I'm throwing hunks of charred metal outta the way and getting deeper into the junk, when I hear what sounds like a welding torch going. So I dig my way toward the noise and eventually end up in what used to be the TV Room. And that's where I saw her.

"Prof!" I yelled.

The Prof turned off her welding torch, but didn't turn around. "You're late, Arthur," she said. I knew I was in trouble. She only uses that name when she's mad.

"I'm sorry, Prof. I got here as soon as I could. But I was, uh, held up."

"More like you were involved in another drunken punch-up in some dive."

"Aw, c'mon Prof, don't be mad. I got here as soon as I could, really."

"Well, it's all over. You may as well go home. Everyone else has already left." The Prof turned around and pulled off her mask, and I swear she looked about 10 years older. I felt my heart drop into my gut. Things had been bad alright.

"I really tried to make it. Really. Maybe I can help out here?" I was almost pleading at that point.

"If you want to help, get over to Canton in the 1855 juncture. The Lotus are planning some kind of major offensive, and the Hand and the Ascended are too busy fighting each other to notice. Zheng Yi Quan is supposed to meet up with Kar Fai and Iala Mané at the Two Dragons Inn. Look for them there."

"Sure thing Prof. You can count on me!" As soon as I said that, there was a crashing sound nearby, and I looked up at the ceiling, afraid the place was caving in. Instead, a girl came skipping into the room. She was Chinese, maybe ten years old, with her hair in a ponytail down to her waist. She was wearing jeans, hi-tops, and a backwards baseball cap. When she saw me, she stopped suddenly, and then smiled.

"Hi mister. Who are you?"

"Oh yes. Arthur," the Prof said. "Take Jenny with you."

Red Wedding

By Dave Eber


Pi Tui floated in a sea of gray mist. She looked around, confused. She wasn't sure where she was, or how she had gotten here.


"Father?" Pi Tui looked around, her long dark hair drifting out gently behind her. She felt as if she were trying to move underwater. Before her, the gray mists became churning, dark cloudsthat formed a giant face.

"Hear me, daughter!" The voice was deep like thunder, and echoed as if it came from the bottom of the deepest chasm.

"I'm here father! Where are you?"

"Help me. Release me."

"How can I help you? Where are you?"

Seven Masters Versus The Underworld

By Dave Eber

“Tell us a story, Master Wu! Tell us a story!”

“Eh?” Old Wu cocked open one eye. Beneath his grizzled eyebrow, he saw a dozen eager round faces, beaming up at him in the afternoon sun.

“Bah. Go away. Can’t you see Master Wu is taking a nap?” Old Wu closed his eyes and pulled the brim of his hat down low over his forehead.

“Please, Master Wu,” the children said, their voices a mismatched chorus of tinkling bells. Old Wu opened his eyes again, then pushed his hat back and sat up.

“You are all naughty little urchins, depriving an old man of his rest. Very well, I see you will not be satisfied until I am in my grave.” Old Wu picked himself up, and the children let out a ragged cheer. “Li, fetch me my stool. Cho, a cup of water. Song, stop hitting your sister!” Old Wu stretched out his lanky frame and brushed off his tattered robes. The children all sat down in a loose semi-circle as he sat down on his stool, took a cool sip of water, and then faced his young audience.

“Master Wu will tell you a story of long ago, a time when ghosts roamed the forests, and sorcerers walked the length of the land, seeking ancient secrets and hidden power. A time when the empire had been corrupted by evil men who threatened the world with their villainous plans. And I will tell you of the masters of old who lived in the mountains, who had kung fu the likes of which have never been seen since. And I will tell you of how heroes rose up to face the evil that darkened our skies, and how they saved us all…”