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Year of the Dragon
Throne War
Netherworld 2
Shaolin Showdown
Dark Future
Boom Chaka Laka
10,000 Bullets
Red Wedding
Seven Masters
Two Fisted Tales
Shurikens and Six-Guns
Critical Shift
Empire of Evil

Modern Format

Combat in Kowloon
Back for Seconds

Rebirth Cycle:

Action Pack #1

Coming Darkness Cycle:

Queens Gambit
Knight's Passage
Action Pack #2

Year of the Goat

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Classic Format includes all printed sets.

Modern Format includes only the sets on the right.

Allowed in Modern Format Operation Killdeer
Alternate Art Promotional Cards
Can of Whupass - Old Skool Edition Set Teasers
Miscellaneous and Misprints Token Cards

Welcome to the Card Gallery

Promos, Can of Whupass, Misprints and other Miscellaneous Cards

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Expansion names on the right will take you to that expansion.  Expansions are listed in the order of release with the most recent on the bottom right.

NOTE: For additional set information, see Stefan Vincent's site,

Operation Killdeer: These cards were killed (or presumed dead) between the Limited and Standard releases. Somehow some copies made it to print.


Can of Whupass - Old Skool Edition: A specially packaged can containing reprints of six of the characters killed in Operation Killdeer that have not been reprinted.

  • See the Chimpshack page for more information.
  • Inner Kingdom Games currently offers Cans for $5.00 at
  • They are no longer available at retailers, but are frequently given as prizes at tournaments.


Set Teasers: These cards were printed with a set, teasing the next set.

  • The cards are shown with the same artwork and name, but without the rules text. 
  • The text box gives the name of the next set and its anticipated release date.

NOTE: The Mars Colonist has no rules text in its official release.

  • A selection of Set Teasers was released in 2012 with their proper text. They retained the promo symbol though.

Promotional Cards: These cards are only available through Inner Kingdom Games, Store Exclusives, or through League play.

Miscellaneous and Misprints:  These cards don't fall into the other categories.
  • Burned for Victory is available through Inner Kingdom Games in packs of 5.  This card is used as a replacement token for Feng Shui Sites placed in opponents Burned for Victory piles.
  • There are two versions of The General in Limited/Standard: one with a black title, the other with a white title. These appear to be about equally distributed. It was supposed to have a white title.
  • There are two versions of Ultimate Mastery in Limited/Standard with slightly different rules text (one version uses more words to say the same thing as the other). These also appear to be equally distributed.
  • Who Wants Some:  This card is used during the "Who Wants Some?" style tournament to keep track of who you've beaten.

The following cards were swapped into the set, Seven Masters versus the Underworld, when it was reprinted.

  • The card Secret Pact had its title misspelled.
  • 200 Guys with Hatchets and Ladders is missing the last 2 words of its text: "Character's cost".

Alternate Art:
  • Blade Palm:  Reprinted as a promo with new art in the Red Wedding print run.  This art was then used for the printing in Combat in Kowloon.
  • Kinoshita House of Pancakes:  Originally a cute nickname for Kinoshita House, the artwork was modified and the card printed as a promo.  The ability is the same as the original card.
  • KFC:  In the same vein as KHOP, Kar Fai's Crib received the same send-up.  Again, the ability did not change from the original card.
  • This artwork was reprinted on the unaligned Event printed in Combat in Kowloon and Back for Seconds.
  • Katie Kincaid and Sting of the Scorpion:  These are topless versions of the cards.

Allowed in Modern Format

The promos below have been listed above.  They are included below as an easy reference for those promo cards which are allowed for the Modern tournament format.

Token Cards

Starting with the Reinforcements expansion,  the concept of token Characters was introduced to Shadowfist.  A pack of 52 cards is available through Drive Thru Cards. With the release of The Coming Darkness Cycle expansion, Endgame, each type of token character will be used.